Elections or beauty contest?


A few weeks ago I was in Brussels visiting a good friend. Apparently some elections were about to be held.
Later I found out it was the Belgium Federal Parliament election on June 10th. The various election posters shared a striking similarity: all politicians were photographed in a very
glamorous way. One could even suspect the candidates to be photomodels in their other lifes. Or? I mean the average politician usually looks more or less like an average man or woman. The faces on these posters certainly don’t resemble the average inhabitant of Brussels. Is this the future of democracy as we know it? Competing by beauty? Also note the poster of the Ecolo party. They seem to ignore this trend.

Linux, Citrix MetaFrame and VUW2

Last week the office PC’s at our faculty have been updated with new software. The biggest change is the use of Citrix MetaFrame for all ‘non-standard’ applications. Citrix is now also used for the remote desktop service that allows employees to access their desktop from anywhere in the world.
Luckily there is Citrix MetaFrame client for Linux. Installation was easy. But when I wanted to launch an application I got this error: “You have not chosen to trust “Equifax Secure Global eBusiness CA-1″, the issuer of the server’s security certificate.”.
Here is how to fix this problem:
Download the Equifax_Secure_Global_eBusiness_CA-1.cer certificate from Geotrust
Copy the certificate to the keystore directory. On my SuSE system I did: cp equifax.cer /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

But that was not all. The second problem was that my local drives were not mapped.
To map a local drive, modify the file ‘wfclient.ini’ (it is somewhere in ~/.ICAClient/) by adding the following lines:



This obviously makes the directory ‘/path/to/the/a_directory_on_the_client_machine’ available as the floppy (A:) drive in your Citrix session.

Boksende duiven


Iets wat ik nog nooit eerder gezien heb. In de boom voor mijn huis zag ik vanmorgen twee duiven met elkaar boksen. Ze waren duidelijk bezig met een soort gevecht. Naast elkaar gezeten op een tak probeerden ze elkaar met klappen van de vleugels weg te slaan. Het heeft wel 20 minuten geduurd. Het was duidelijk dat het een uitputtingsslag was. De klappen over en weer volgden elkaar met het verstrijken van de tijd steeds minder snel op. Uiteindelijk heb ik helaas niet gezien hoe het afgelopen is.
Wie kan mij meer over dit gedrag van deze duiven vertellen?

O ja, ik heb er ook een filmpje van gemaakt.