Customized Digikam Flickr uploader

I wrote a bash script that helps me to upload photos from Digikam to Flickr. The title and description of each uploaded photo are automatically set and are pulled from the Digikam image comments. I found the build-in Digikam Flickr uploader (provided by the KipiPlugins project) to be to limited in functionality. On Flickr each photo has a title and a description. The Kipi Flickr uploader sets the filename of each image as the title. Since all my photo files are stored with a unique date-serial name (e.g. 051202-3468.jpg), the title in Flickr doesn’t look nice after an upload.
My script sets the title to the first line of the comments that are kept with the photo in Digikam.
The description is set to the entire contents of the comments field. The first line in the comments field has to be separated by a line-feed (return). If no comments are available no description is given and the title is set to the filename. After each upload a log file is updated with the filenames and corresponding Flickr-id’s of the uploaded pictures. The script is just a wrapper. The actual uploading is done by the ‘flickr_upload’ script as provided by the Perl package Flickr::Upload.

Click here to download the script